One of our biggest needs is foster care.

Foster homes are always needed, countrywide.

If you can open your home and have enough time to provide temporary care for one of our rescues, please contact us.

How long will I have the dog for?

Difficult to say, but Labradors normally home quite quickly. We often need homes just for a few days while we make alternate arrangements.

Sometimes for 10 to 14 days once the dog has been inoculated and before we can move it into kennels.

Some dogs need a foster home to recover from surgery or traumatic events. Some mommy dogs need somewhere to have or wean their puppies.

Some of our dogs have found homes within a week, but some may take up to a month or two.

Short answer? You will have the dog for as long as you are able to help us for.

What will it cost me to foster one of your dogs?

Mostly your time and some food. We pay for all vet costs.

What do I do if I want to find out more information?

Labrador Rescue SA values our foster carers immensely, which is why we offer support wherever we can while you are fostering a rescue dog.

General Volunteers

We need hands and helpers.

Although we don’t have kennels, (so cleaning kennels is not what we need), we do need people who can lift dogs to kennels or to foster homes.

We need people who can do home checks in various areas, countrywide.

We need people who can shake tins in shopping centres.

We need people who love Labradors and who want to help.

Please click below to fill out our volunteer form to foster a Lab or if you are able to help in other ways.