Surrender A Lab

Surrendering a Lab for Rehoming

All Labradors deserve to be well taken care of and enjoy a good quality of life. Labradors are very social animals and need to be part of the family.

Due to a number of reasons, families often find themselves in the unfortunate position of having to rehome a much loved pet. These reasons can include death in the family, financial difficulties, moving into smaller or retirement homes, divorce, the realisation that the family cannot cope with the demands of a Labrador and leaving the country.

When we find new homes for dogs whose owners can no longer care for them, we consider a number of things.

We try to match the dog to a similar home with the least amount of disruption for all involved.

We do not have our own kennels and therefore we try to home your dog directly to its new home.

The procedure is as follows:

  • You need to fill in the Surrender a Lab form, giving us as much information as you can as well as sending us a clear photo of your dog, especially the face.
  • We will then go through our database of people offering homes to Labradors in need and try to match the dog to the right home and family.
  • If there are no suitable homes, we will then network your dog through various social network mediums until we find the right home.
  • Once we have identified good homes, we will let you know and put potential homes in contact with you.
  • We will then do an extensive home check to satisfy ourselves that this is the right home and once the home has been approved, your dog will move to his new family.
  • We offer advice and telephonic consults with our animal behaviourists to help your pet settle into his\her new home
  • In some circumstances we are able to kennel your pet, but all inoculations have to be up to date and a current vet book available. There is also a charge involved.
  • You can be as involved in the rehoming procedure as you want to.
  • Should you wish, we will try to keep you up to date with whole process including the final decision on which home your dog will go to.

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