Rosalind Witte

Cape Town

Rosalind Witte

Dogs have always, and will always be a large part of my life. From a young age I was very interested in field trialling, and this is where my love for Labradors began. I spent my gap year in Denmark, where I trained puppies that were destined to be used in field trialling. Upon return to South Africa, I got my own black Labrador – Heraldforth Ebony Earl. Initially, we trained together in field trialling, but I moved away from trialling into therapy dog work. Ebony was an excellent therapy dog, and I learnt a lot during my time spent at Paws for People (

At home in Cape Town, my husband, Wilhelm and I have two other fur children that complete our family, Levi is a black spaniel, and Sydney is a husky.

I am a qualified Veterinary Technologist, and am busy with my Masters of Science: Life Science degree. My dissertation is on Tick borne pathogens of dogs in townships and rescue organisations in Cape Town.

I have spent some time involved in other rescue organisations around Cape Town, but my heart will always be with Labradors.


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