When you are considering adopting a Labrador, there are a number of things you need to think about. (10 Reasons not to get a Labrador)

Labradors are social dogs. They need to be part of a family and they need human interaction. Don’t get a Labrador if you are looking for a guard dog or if you are not going to allow the dog to come inside your house.

The majority of our rescue Labradors are adult dogs. This, in most cases means you know what you are getting. We try and get as much information as we can from the previous owners in order to make the rehoming process as painless as possible for all concerned.

We sometimes get dogs who need more work than others, but we will advise you about this and can put you in touch with our network of qualified animal behaviourists who can help you.

If you can, please look at offering a home to an older dog. Many of these oldies are just looking for a comfortable and loving place to live out the remaining years of their lives. The joy of that love in an old dogs eyes is worth the pain of having to say goodbye sooner than you want to.

Labradors are gentle, friendly and loyal. They normally adapt fairly easily to new environments and situations, if you follow some simple and sensible guidelines. (Welcoming Your Rescue Dog Into Your Home)

Do not make an emotional decision when looking to adopt a dog.

Make sure the whole family is comfortable with the decision to adopt.

Don’t take a dog because you feel sorry for it. You are doing no one any favours. The right dog for you is out there. They say you don’t always get the dog you want, but you always get the dog you need.

We have a number of beautiful dogs all looking for loving homes. Perhaps “your” dog is on our list.

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