adopt a rescue?

By adopting a rescue Labrador, you are helping us deal with the ever increasing number of dogs who are looking for new homes. Thousands of dogs, of all breeds, lose their lives every year because of irresponsible breeding. Until there are none – adopt one

Adoption Information

How does it work?
  • What is the Adoption process?

    If you like the look of one of our rescues and the information provided suits your family situation, please get in touch with us. We often have more information on the dog that we have not shared.

    If the dog in question is still available for adoption, you’ll be asked to complete an Adoption Form.

    As we have the best interests of the dog at heart, please note that after discussions and consultations, we may decide that a certain dog is not suitable for your family and filling in an adoption form does not mean that you automatically will be able to adopt that dog.

    However, it will enable us to keep you on our database, if you wish, for us to identify to right dog for your family

    While there is unfortunately no “one-size-fits-all” approach to adoption, every effort is made to ensure that adopted dogs and existing pets and family members all adapt successfully to living together.

    We want all of our rescues and families to be happy, healthy and feel secure – and certainly don’t want a new rescue dog to negatively impact on the existing dynamics in your home!

    Once we have your form and have been over it, we will put you in touch with the person responsible for that dog, be it owner or foster home for you to go and meet the dog.

    We do not have our own kennels and try as far as possible to rehome dogs directly from their old homes to the new one. We also place dogs in foster care if their situation warrants it.

    One of our Volunteers will be in touch to arrange a suitable time to perform a House Check to make extra-sure that the dog can be handed over to you in good conscience.

    If the Volunteer’s House Check comes back as ‘Approved’ – you are nearly there.

    We suggest a “Meet and Greet” with other pets if possible or if you want to make sure that the dogs will all get on.

    Having become acquainted with your dog-to-be, he or she will be handed over to your care after you’ve signed the relevant documents.

    Something of a tricky process, we know, but we thank you for your understanding and co-operation.

  • What are the Adoption Fees?

    Labrador Rescue does not charge a set adoption fee and we rely totally on donations.

    However, in some adoptions, a contribution of around R850 is asked for to cover sterilizations and any other direct costs. This will be discussed with you during the adoption process.

    Every dog is spayed/neutered before homing. This is not negotiable.

    Donations above and beyond this contribution are much appreciated.

  • Who should adopt?

    Anyone who is willing to open their home and hearts and who understands that there may be settling in problems but is willing to commit to working through any problems with guidance and help. The adjustment time for new dogs varies so much between dogs depending on a myriad of circumstances, but you should be prepared for a settling in time of between 2 and 8 weeks.

    If you have the space, time and resources. If you love dogs, have a stable income, safe, acceptable accommodation and want to make a difference – we are definitely interested in hearing from you.

  • How do I avoid choosing ′the wrong′ dog?

    Listen to us. We strive to provide as much information about each rescue as possible upfront.

    That way, you’ll have a fairly good idea before making contact whether or not the dog could be ‘right’ for you.

    Unfortunately, as with life, there are no guarantees. It might all look perfect on paper, but the chemistry is just not there. If you have honestly tried all avenues and it is still not working for you after a reasonable amount of time, we will take the dog back.

    One of the most important bits of advice we can give is not to take it too personally if the dog does not warm to you immediately. Your home is a new environment for your dog and it will take time for the dog to adapt to you house and your rules and ways of doing things.

    All we can say is, persevere – ultimately it is worth it.

  • Vet Q&A: Are rescue Labradors all healthy?

    In a perfect world, all of our rescues would be in perfect health. However, there are medical problems specifically relating to Labradors, especially as they get older.

    We will communicate with you any known conditions or problems.

    We do endeavour to have all of the rescues looked at by the vets and clinics who work with us, but sometimes this is not possible for logistical reasons.

    All of our dog are sterilized before rehoming if this is not already done and we also make sure that their vaccinations are up to date. If the vet suspects any underlying conditions, he will let us know and we will pass on this information.

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