This is a list of some common human foods that can be poisonous to your dog.

I’m sure that my list is by no means complete but I think I’ve covered the main ones. I’ll update the list as and when I find more information.

I’m not going to preach about how wrong it is to feed your dog table scraps. I’m in no position to do that because I do it myself. All I will say is please be careful what human foods you feed to your dog because as you’ll see, some of them can be deadly!

Alcohol – Any kind of alcohol may lead to coma and death.

Avocado – All parts of the avocado, including the plant, contain a toxin called persin.

Bones from Fish or Poultry – Can cause obstructions.

Broccoli – Toxic in large quantities.

Cat food – generally too high in protein and fats.

Chocolate – Contains Theobromine. This is a cardiac stimulant and diuretic. Can be fatal to dogs. Symptoms may no show until several hours after ingestion. Death can follow within 24 hours.

Coffee and Tea – Both contain high levels of caffeine and shouldn’t be given to dogs.

Corn Cobs – A common cause of intestinal blockages. Requires surgery to remove.

Fat Trimmings – Can cause pancreatitis.

Grapes, raisins or currants – Can cause irreversible kidney damage resulting in death.

Macadamia nuts – Contain an unknown toxin that can affect the digestive and nervous systems.

Mushrooms – Can be toxic to dogs. Some species of mushrooms can be fatal if eaten by dogs.

Nutmeg – Can lead to seizures and damage to the central nervous system.

Onions – Onions contain a toxin called Thiosulphate. Consumption can lead to a form of haemolytic anaemia. This can lead to kidney damage. Avoid giving your dog onions even in the tiniest of quantities.

Potato Peelings and Green Potatoes – These contain Oxalates. This can affect the digestive, nervous and urinary systems.

Raw Eggs – Can lead to skin and coat problems. May also contain Salmonella.

Raw Fish – If fed regularly or in high amounts may result in thiamine (a B vitamin) deficiency leading to appetite loss, seizures and in some cases, death.

Vitamin Pills Intended for Humans – Especially those containing iron. This could lead to damage to the lining of the digestive system. Could also cause liver and kidney damage.

Xylitol – A sweetener found in sugar free gum and candy. Can cause liver failure in dogs.

Yeast Dough – Produces gas and can swell in your dog’s stomach. This leads to rupture of the digestive system.


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